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Grenades Go BOOM!

This makes me want to dance with grenades. Hilarious.

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I wanted to like this game, but in the end I just couldn't.

Reasons why I like it:
1. The graphics were very nicely done and I liked the individual traits for each monster.
2. Even though it was tough at the beginning, I liked the difficulty factor.
3. I enjoyed killing multiple creatures in a row, because their death cries were fun to hear.
4. Game mechanics were smooth and it was a fun time-waster.

Reasons why I didn't:
1. It took forever to get an upgrade and the game is dreadfully repetitive.
2. The excessive clicking became annoying after a while.
3. The death cries became an irritant and wand's noise was too loud.
4. I spent a lot of time playing the game and when I got to Level 29, I became enraged. The level is obviously rigged to fail so that the player will spend money on the premiums. I have no intention of doing that and I feel that it's something few of the people playing the game on Newgrounds would actually do. If Level 29 wasn't so blatantly a cheat, I would have given the game a pass, but after I spent that much time playing this asinine game I wanted some closure. Now I just feel that I wasted my time on this.

On the bright side, I had a wonderful finger exercise.

Frederik77 responds:

Thanks for your list of pros and cons, not everybody will go into such detail in a review, but we do appreciate it. And if you've cooled down from your rage quit, we can only hope you will try the re-balanced version of the game.

I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed the first Gravity Duck. Therefore, it gives me great pleasure to find that you've made a sequel! It's quite similar to the first one, but the different background and enemies make this captivating nonetheless. The music was quite enjoyable as well. The gameplay itself is very inventive, being simultaneously fun and challenging. I look forward to your next game.

Pretty Fun, Actually

This is one of my favourite zombie-shooters. The reason for that being is because the game is realistic. Not in the zombie/bio-robot/homicidal robots/moving skeletons way, but in the physics way. While most other games of the genre let you reload your gun with no thought behind where the extra ammunition comes from, you actually have to manually pick up, see, and then hear the firearm being reloaded. Pretty much everything in the game is destroyable (elevators including). One thing I would have liked to see was a way for the aiming to be a bit more accurate. There's no telling how many bullets I've wasted due to that. The other thing I found a little frustrating was how low the bio-robot could jump. But since it's a robot, I understand (it's realistic, after all). I especially liked the self-destruct feature. Zombotron has a very compact feeling. Each level is meticulously designed and while there are only ten levels, each level is very large and provides hours of exploration (as a whole). This is a very well-constructed game (I've played AntKarlov's Mining Truck 2 and I've seen the barrels in that game that were used in Zombotron). An excellent game.

I look forward to your future releases.

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I really like this song! The synths reminds me of Kavinsky's NightcallI and it has a retro 80s sound, which I love. When I was playing the game the music was the most striking part. It fits in perfectly with the game's theme and the mystery of what is concealed (and revealed) by the lights. The song has a really nice dreamlike atmosphere and I love the progression of the piece; the sound doesn't stagnate.

10/10: Wunderbar!

Frenetic Fun

I have probably listened to this loop over 20 times in a row. It's just that awesome. I love this loop.

Brutus is just as cute as Caesar.

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